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I just love these books from Your Child’s Personalized Books so much! I met Darrick at Henry Ford Hospital and saw that I could put my grandchildren names, ages, city, state, and their friends in a book. I was so impressed I bought eleven for all my grandchildren. They just love them so much that they can’t stop reading them. Everyone should get a book for that special child in their life. Mary Ann – Dearborn



Personalized books are a great way to motivate a child to appreciate reading. Like as my Grandma always says, “a library card is a passport to see the world.” Through reading a child’s power is unlimited. Your Child’s Personalized Books President and CEO – Darrick has always been an honest and reliable person – a true big brother!

  Dr. Farrah Gray, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Prominent Magazine and author of the international best – sellers Reallionaire and Get Real Get Rich




I met Darrick at Great lakes Crossing and I got the God Loves Me book personalized for my niece. When I gave it to her, she was sick and it cheered her up. I thought the books were so wonderful that we became business partners and I sell personalized music CD’s, alarm clocks, and etc.

Candace – Shelby Township




Recibí mi libro personalizado con las opciones que pedí en el tiempo prometido. Pensé que era genial que el libro fue impreso en español. Miré a sus productos, y tengo sólo una cosa que decir WOWWWWWWW. Eres increíble. ¿Sabes lo importante que un niño puede sentir cuando ve que un libro fue impreso para ella y es sobre ella? Mi hija estaba asombrada. De todos los regalos que recibió, éste es el que muestra a todo el mundo. Déjame decirte que hay un montón de gente preguntando cómo comunicarse con usted. Es un placer contarle a otros sobre ti. Gracias por todo. Ordenaré otra vez, eso es seguro. WOWWWW!
Aracely - Allen Park, MI



Christmas presents are getting harder to pick because kids have everything they want. Then I found your personalized books and this blew them away. They couldn't believe they were in their own book!
Milene - Waterford, MI



Awesome books. My grand kids loved them.
Suzanne Guzenda-Fowkes



I was so impressed with Your Child’s Personalized Books that I purchased six books for my granddaughter in Gulfport, Mississippi. The display was absolutely amazing and eye catching. I am a Speech Therapist and will be taking [Darrick’s] order forms to my colleagues. I’m sure that Your Child’s Personalized Books will be successful for years to come. I am truly a satisfied customer!
Pauline Isaac - Detroit




I just received my books today and they are wonderful! I run a dayca...re and have been looking for weeks for personalized books that were reasonably priced. Your books are exactly what I had in mind. Can't wait to give them to the kids.

Julie Sheetz Bullock - Indianapolis